Montag, 21. Juli 2014

The Deadly Perfume

1 1/2 oz Plum Pálinka
1/3 oz Apple Juice
1/4 oz Violet Syrup
1 fresh sage leaf

Sage is a very potent medicinal herb. It gives freshness and bitterness to a drink at the same time and can, if combined with the right ingredients result in a beautiful harmony of distinctive odours and tastes.

Whenever you find yourself browsing through a flea market pay attention to the glasses sold there. You might find some interesting things for your Home Bar. 

Chill one of your fancy glasses and leave it a side. Pour your ingredients in a Boston Shaker. Give your sage leaf a gentle tap on the back of your hand to release the oils and fill your boston shaker with thick, dry ice cubes. Give your drink a hard shake and double strain it into your chilled glas. Garnish your drink with violet petals and serve.
Enjoying Cocktails is all about doing it in good company and at your own pace and ease. Therefore it might become in a certain way a sense of life.

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