Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

Dirty Temper

1 oz Sailor Jerry Rum
1 oz Maraschino
2 oz Cold Hibiscus Tea
whole dark chocolate

There's a large variety of Hibiscus flowers. The commercially sold Hibiscus Teas are usually made out of red Hibiscus grown in Asia and subtropical regions. You can however collect the flowers from any Hibiscus bush and let them dry for a few weeks in the dark. The Tea you get is pure and soothing.

Chill a fancy Glass and leave it aside. Pour the liquid ingredients into a Boston shaker. Take some of the darkest chocolate you can find (86% noir brut is perfect), break some chunks off and add them to the liquids. Fill the Shaker with thick, dry Ice cubes and give your Drink a hard shake. Double strain the liquid into your chilled Glass and garnish with a big chunk of chocolate and a Hibiscus Flower.
This cocktail is as mysterious and witty as can be. Take care not to fall in love...

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