Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016

Wénhuà Olvaszó

1 oz Kumquat Liqueur
1 oz Plum Pálinka
1/2 oz Lime  Juice
2 oz Cold ginger infused Hibiscus Tea
Peychaud's Bitters



Kumquats are citrus fruits and hence grown in the sunniest areas. They look like tiny oranges and have a mixed sour -sweet taste. You can either buy Kumquat liqueur in oriental shops, on big weekend markets or make it at home as you would Limoncello.

Chill a Tall Tumbler glass and leave it aside. Pour your ingredients into a Boston Shaker and add two dashes of Peychaud's Bitters. Fill the Shaker with thick dry, Ice Cubes and give your drink a hard shake. Strain the drink into the earlier chilled glass onto a few icecubes, slide your straw in with a mint branch and place some pomegranate seeds on top. It's a highly aromatic but refreshing cocktail.

Wénhuà roughly translates to culture in Chinese and Olvaszó to melt in Hungarian. This century is marked by  different cultures coming together. Learn from them and reflect on how they might affect you by a cold Wénhuà Olvaszó.

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